Veco Zuivel has a leading position producing premium cow and goat milk products for the Dutch consumer market. One of the brands is VecoZuivel Organic, that stands for premium organic quality, produced with high standards when it comes to sustainability and animal welfare.

Our milk, buttermilk and yoghurt is available in bulk (500L & 1000L) and retail packaging (500ml, 1000ml, 750ml). Our butter and quark is available in bulk packaging as well.

Milk streams

Meadow milk

Organic milk

Conventional goat milk

Organic A2 milk

Better Life label milk

Planet Proof milk

Packaging options

Gable top: 250 ml / 330 ml / 500 ml / 750 ml / 1 L. / 1.5 L. / 1.75 L.

Can: 1,8 L. / 2,0 L.

UHT: 200 ml or 1 L.

Cup: 250 g / 450 g / 500 g / 750 g / 1 KG

Types of milk streams
Packaging units
Unique combinations

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