For many years, Veco Zuivel has been a specialist in the production and development of dairy products.


With our state-of-the-art dairy plant we will guide you along the way, even in complicated matters.


Due to our short communication lines, we guarantee fast handling of all procedures.


From the Netherlands to China, halal to kosher, our approach has no boundaries.

Your own premium quality brand

Dairy needs customization. Currently, Veco Zuivel offers private label solutions for major retail organizations. Our customers know we offer a complete worry-free service and therefore remain loyal to us. We deliver dairy they way you want. Always tailor-made and, if necessary, also with packaging and logistics solutions. As a reliable and solid business partner, we guarantee on-time delivery, consistent quality and competitive prices.

Veco Zuivel Private Label plan

  • 1. Meeting process

    A request for a private label brand starts with a meeting with one of our salesmanagers. The salesmanager provides the client with more specific information. After reaching an agreement, the client provides Veco Zuivel with their specifications: product type and package content. It is very important that we are informed about possible special needs early in the process. The minimum amount for production depends on the product itself and its packaging.

  • 2. Set up order

    As soon all necessary information has been exchanged, Veco Zuivel provides the client with different product samples. Both new and existing recipes can be used by the client. Moreover, Veco Zuivel provides the client with package suggestions. Unique packaging elements are only available with a minimum order quantity.

  • 3. Package design

    After reaching an agreement on the specifications, the recipe and packaging, the client develops artwork and sends this to Veco Zuivel for further fine-tuning. We can also provide the artwork for the customer. Veco Zuivel works closely with a packaging design agency with years of international experience. We can also support your current design agencies, if necessary.

  • 4. Production startup

    When all the product elements are approved (recipe, package and artwork), the first production will take place. The production will be accompanied by multiple qualified employees to assure the end result meets the clients’ standards.

  • 5. Logistics

    Veco Zuivel may deliver products directly to the clients, however, the clients can also arrange their own logistics process.

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